Analytics Platform for Everyone


Analytics Platform for Everyone


TA9 IntSight for Law Enforcement, Intelligence or Cyber Unit

Big Data Analytics Intelligence System for the Federal Market

IntSight is a disruptive technology for the intelligence domain, enabling access to invaluable information, anywhere and anytime. IntSight empowers intelligence units with unparalleled situational awareness, Federal grade intelligence tools, and complete investigation case management. It further supports all intelligence command requirements, offering: task management, entity management, incident management, and dashboards Empowering leaders with full control over every aspect of day-to-day operations. IntSight offers robust federal grade multimedia and document analytics, forensics analytics, Telecommunication and Location analysis, and connectivity to a variety of federal, public, and open sources managed by comprehensive Investigation Case Management with compliant security.

IntSight for Enterprise

Big Data Analytics Intelligence System for the Enterprise

IntSight is a powerful and versatile data analysis platform, enabling analysts to produce valuable insight from masses of data. IntSight can dynamically connect to any data in the organization as an ecosystem, including internal repositories, documents, and external data sources. Using a unified workspace, and a set of powerful analytic tools and unique algorithms, all data can be easily navigated, processed, presented and analyzed. IntSight reflects the organization’s data analysis methodologies and concepts. Raw data is mapped according to the organization’s internal knowledge, making even complex data, simple to understand and interpret by analysts increasing the number of meaningful insights. TA9’s implementation methodology is focused on the seamless embedding of IntSight in the organization. Following this methodology, the platform is built to remove the need for development, and fully replace it with configuration.

Our Applications

All-in-one platform

Federated Search

Data without access is worthless

Search content across multiple sources: Databases, Documents, Photos, Videos, Audio, Paper Cases, Tasks, Incidents, Emails, Entities and more.

Maximize The Value Of Your Data

Beyond the standard indexing, we support meta-tagging, categorization and taxonomies to make them available to search and filter. These include: Locations, Dates, Text classifications, Image labelling, Voice Transcripts, Face Recognition and more.

Searching Is More Than Just A Search Box

We have vast features that support search and analysis Here are a few examples: Full text search, Multiple condition criteria, Soundex , Snippets, Permissions-Based Search Results, Clustering & Facets Translation, Data viewer, Geospatial And lot more …

Incident Management

With TA9 Collect consistent incident information to improve situational awareness and support decision making. Data can be derived from any system such as CAD, cyber security, sensors and more. See your incidents over a map integrated with the entire organizations information and tools.

From Decision-Making To Sensemaking

Correlated incidents – find relationships between events. Transform unstructured incidents to entities and relations. Search phenomena on your entire history information, Set protocols and actions based on incident type.

Ontology - Entities and Relations

Our user-oriented ontology approach enables describing any domain of knowledge by defining entities with attributes and the relationships between them. The platform tools support an automatic creation of ontology elements from different data sources by fusing it to useful forms of knowledge for all users and needs. To achieve a 360⁰ view, our unique technology automatically enriches entities from multiple sources within a unified interface and without the need to copy the data. As a Big Data company, we allow you to scale as many entities and relationships you need, easily maintain your data schema, define role and permissions, find hidden relationships, search for profiles and gather insights on your entities in a way that is not possible with standard BI tools.

Case Management

The TA9 Case Management tool is a one-stop-shop for your entire research needs. In the light of the digital era, researchers are faced with a flood of digital data at any phase of their work. Our solution enables you to — Store, Organize, Analyze and Enrich in one centralized location. Assign tasks to the research team. Provide complete security and audit of data use. Define user roles for different researchers and managing data accessibility. Analysis of data based on location and time sequence. Easily collaborate and disseminate between multiple work units. Data enrichment using AI tools such as image vision, transcription and entity extraction. Manage the research entities. Search any research container information in clear and intuitive manner.

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