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TA9 is a Big Data software house, specializing in the development of investigation and intelligence systems for the federal and enterprise markets. Using the extensive experience of our tech savvy veterans of the Israeli intelligence community, we've constructed intel solutions for various domains including, communications, cyber, finance and security. Emerging from the intelligence domain, our flagship solution, IntSight, is the most complete and comprehensive Big Data intelligence and investigation system for intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

TA9 is part of the Rayzone Group, designer and manufacturer of cutting edge Cyber & Intelligence solutions for law enforcement agencies around the globe. Products include: GeoMatrix - Geolocation tactical Intelligence system providing real time and historical location of any GSM / UMTS / 3G / 4G (LTE) subscriber worldwide; Piranha – Collector and manager of cellular identifiers; Arrowcell – Elimination of active GSM interception system (Detection, Prevention & Location); and other tactical solutions.

Why IntSight?

All Sources

All Sources

Seamless, easy and risk-free integration of all types of data sources



As a fully ontological intelligence and investigation system, IntSight has automated execution of labor-intensive tasks. This allows analysts and investigators to focus more on high level analysis and less on technical and time-consuming tasks, improving production by a double-digit percentage.

Full intelligence Cycle

Full intelligence Cycle

- IntSight will allow for the addition of nontraditional data sources to known data sources; Specifically OSINT, which will include elements of social networks, blogs, websites, etc.



IntSight was built with the intention to reutilize existing assets of the prospective customer, while giving him the freedom to decide which elements of his entire system need immediate investment. As such, our system is fully modular and gives the ultimate flexibility to engage.



As a real Big Data software vendor, the system is designed to address all modern Big Data challenges, including extreme volume, various formats, multi languages, data velocity, etc.

Total cost of ownership

Total cost of ownership

IntSight is built as a product not a service. Customers will have the freedom to be trained on the system management and to be enabled for max self-sufficiency for all matters of adding new data sources, changing the data model, enhancing or calibrating logic, etc.

Tactical and Strategic from a single system

Tactical and Strategic from a single system

IntSight is both a strategic intelligence system and a tactical operational system. It collapses all traditional disciplinary intelligence and investigation requirements into a cohesive single platform.

Virtual and Light

Virtual and Light

IntSight is built with a schema-less integration layer which in reality forgoes the traditional requirements to build a labor intensive and costly data lake for running analytics. IntSight's data layer acts as a virtual data ocean, which enables the running of any query on a remote source without the hassle of integrating it.



Better understand and control, with geographic information sources, the location of Street Cameras, coverage of cell sites and wifi routers, and live location of any mobile device.

Asset Locators

Define business rules that will alert the user on predefined patterns and abnormal behavior and bring events in need of immediate attention to the forefront in real-time.

Business Rules Engine (BRM)

TA9 had strategically partnered with Microsoft and Microsoft Azure in the monetization of the wide and most advanced analytics services. IntSight had seamlessly embedded Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services- from Face and voice recognition to video and sentiment analysis- marrying the world's most advance data science with rare and unique intelligence knowhow to provide the world's leading intelligence system.

Cognitive Services

Plug-in your existing RMS, or use LEApp's feature-rich RMS, for situational awareness, events' documentation, and workforce control.

Records Management System (RMS)

Benefit from a process driven, feature rich, investigation CMS, providing complete governance and traceability of evidence.

Investigation Case Management (iCMS)

Connect to a multitude of restricted high credential sources, as well as open sources, like social media, for deeper event comprehension.

Variety of information sources

Utilize cutting edge technologies including Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Image Analytics and Voice Analytics to automate identification of entities of interest in real-time and in hindsight.

Visual and Sound Analytics

Advanced Geolocation intelligence application, which provides real time location of any GSM / UMTS / 3G / 4G (LTE) subscriber worldwide. Undetectable by the target and the mobile operators, the solution stealthily ascertains status, location and movement of targets of interest, from anywhere in a city and/or area to the entire country and beyond borders, pinpointing them with high accuracy in real-time.


The internet changed the rules of the game for the intelligence community dramatically. Social Networks, Blogs, News, chat rooms, etc. have become the preferred way of communications for many illicit organizations. It is now argued that over 85% of valuable data is found within Open Sources. IntSight's embedded Multilanguage semantic capabilities, along with its powerful search engine, enables the user and organization to seamlessly collect and analyze intel from open sources.


In addition to the traditional interception capabilities, TA9 offers a game changing tactical intelligence interception application. Developed for the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, it enables them to stealthily collect information from the cloud using various vulnerabilities.


The system serves as either an alternative or an extension to the traditional approach of the intelligence Cycle. As a target centric system, TA9's goal is to redefine the intelligence process in such a way that all of the parts of the intelligence cycle come together as a network. It is a collaborative process where information does not always flow linearly, but can also be concentrated via a specific entity by collecting and analyzing all the data from the different parts of the system that is related to that target.

Entity/target centric

Graph visualization that facilitates uncovering abnormal connections in big data, reveal insights and make fast decisions.

Link Analysis

The Company

TA9 is a leading company in big data analysis products and specializes in the development of intelligence and investigation systems for local and central government agencies.

The People

Our team consists of a highly seasoned group of professionals with decades of experience in research and development and in intelligence solutions for national security, public safety, public order and cyber domains.

The Proposition

In collaboration with Microsoft, TA9 has developed the most trusted platforms and systems, while supplying them to some of the most demanding national security and police forces across the world.