TA9 is a big data software provider, and the producer of IntSight, a complete intelligence and investigation framework for intelligence and law enforcement agencies. IntSight covers the entire intelligence cycle from data acquisition, thru collation, fusion and risk anlysis. IntSight was created to allow medium to large organizations that are tackling the challenges of big data, to address unlimited scale of volume, content variety, data velocity, source veracity.

Financial institutions are facing ever more challenges (international and domestic money laundering, complex tax structures, organized crime, benefits fraud, overlapping jurisdictions, inaccurate payments, etc.), their existing information systems are often fractured, hard to operate and maintain, and impossible to evolve.

To address the booming demand of institutions for modern and holistic investigative and intelligence tools. TA9 is building on the success and the expertise of IntSight in various intelligence and law enforcement domains, as an end-to-end, cloud-based intelligence and investigation system for financial crime & fraud. IntSight is offering a modern, highly efficient platform, offering expedited Return of Investment.

The challenge

Financial institutions are tasked with detection, prevention and response of financial crime, and to achieve it, they need to gather and manage intelligence from all available sources. At the same time, institutions confront many challenges due to complex structures, lack of digitization, legacy software, and under-staffing making them ill-equipped for mitigating the growing scale and complexity of challenges:

  • State of the art technology cannot cope with the large volumes and velocity of reports. Millions to Billions of information pieces arriving daily are suffocating legacy information systems, which are rigid any not fit to scale
  • Internal IT personnel commonly have limited experience and capacity, and as a result are slow to adopt new tools, data sources and information technologies, which may greatly extend the authority capabilities in detecting criminal activity
  • Commonly investigative units are lacking the intelligence and investigation tools that would facilitate the intelligence gathering process as well as the accessibility to other law enforcement organizations and diverse information sources.
  • Legacy systems are often fractured or stand-alone, creating a silo structure, with no unified capabilities to fuse or integrate the diverse capabilities.
  • Remediation requires prosecution and going after the individuals involved to redeem funds, which is very time and resource intensive

The Opportunity

While tax authorities see an influx of challenges, socio-economic changes and technological evolvements possess new methods of tackling these challenges

  • Massive dependency on social media, and online advertising, means a wide variety of open sources are now available for data harvesting
  • Computing technologies are increasingly more robust, and in particular big data technologies allow stronger, cheaper and much more efficient data collection, storage and processing
  • Machine Learning based algorithms allow multiplying the analysis capabilities of organizations
  • Field proven intelligence and investigation methodologies are ever more accessible to non- intelligence agencies

The Solution

IntSight is leveraging proven technology for intelligence gathering, investigation management, analytical tools for identification of patterns and anomalies, capabilities of connecting to most online data sources, required for the identification of potential disruptions, and much more.

IntSight is a proven, streamlined, scalable big data framework utilizing robust process automation, rich visualization tools, and highly configurable integration layer to seamlessly integrate into any information and operational environment, thereby ensuring quick adaptability to any data source, and full realization of their human resources, allowing  customers to focus their efforts on analysis and decision making rather than on tedious and time consuming data collection and fusion efforts.

TA9’s IntSight is differentiated by supporting the full intelligence lifecycle: flexible collection of any data source, open or restricted, structured or unstructured; collating processed data and extracting configurable entities; fusing information from all sources into a unified picture, and enriching it with further data stored in the system and the customer ecosystem; modular set of analysis tools for improved intelligence products generation; managing the dissemination of intelligence products to correct recipients; identifying any missing information, and ability to automate completing it.

The intelligence life cycle

The solution offers a full set of modules that fully addresses the following challenges:

  • Variety of analysis tools, including geographic analysis, timeline analysis, extensive free text search engine, cognitive services for extraction of facts from video, audio, picture and unstructured text, etc.
  • Robust real-time rules engine, including visual interpretation, scoring, policy-based enforcement activities
  • Variety of data science and machine learning algorithms allowing to automatically detect and alert on criminal and fraudulent activities, and assist in their prediction and prevention
  • Entity management module, allowing to configure any type of monitored entities (people, organizations, financial instruments, etc.), and their relation types.
  • Unique Link Analysis engine, allowing to visualize and query the various entities and relations, using a native visual tool, identify non-obvious relations, centrality, connection quality and more
  • Friendly, browser based, graphical user interface, supporting all system processes including analysis, reporting, governance, collaboration, configuration and more
  • Complete investigation case management module, maintaining proper chain of evidence, compete auditability, workflow and escalation, dissemination and more.
  • Connectivity and federated search capabilities over a multitude of international, national, and local high credential sources, legacy systems and unlimited open sources
  • Off-the-shelf integration to common storages and processing technologies.